Un profesor clínico y pedagogo en el Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas.

Translated title of the contribution: A clinician and pedagogy professor for problem-based learning

John Vergel, Fabien Mantilla Sylvain, Carlos Julian Yaya Quezada, Gustavo A. Quintero

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Introduction: The qualifications required from a professor have implications for
job placement, professional development and the quality of health human
resource training.
Objective: To determine a professor's expertise and whether there is empirical
evidence that his or her background in problem-based learning (PBL) influences
student learning.
Methods: In this scoping review, published articles were searched for in the
Medline, Scopus, PubMed, Google Scholar, EBSCO and ScienceDirect databases.
The search initially included articles published between 2015 and 2020; then,
studies cited in these articles were included to increase the sample number. The
assessment was performed independently by two researchers. A sheer number of
eleven articles met the inclusion criteria. Data about the qualities of the PBL
professor were extracted and analyzed.
Results: Studies exploring the qualifications of the PBL professor are scarce, while
there is no unified criterion on the training and experience required from them.
The empirical evidence found is questionable and shows gaps in the understanding
of this problem, although it suggests a professor with expertise in medicine and
pedagogy as the best option.
Conclusions: These findings represent a serious shortcoming of PBL. A possible
solution is to integrate the teaching of pedagogy into medical curricula in order to
have a greater number of professors with expertise in both medicine and teaching.
Translated title of the contributionA clinician and pedagogy professor for problem-based learning
Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
JournalRevista Cubana de Educacion Medica Superior
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 22 2023


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