Values and tensions of a health education program based on evidence-based medicine: a qualitative study

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Aim: This study explored how patients, caregivers, clinicians, designers, and funders who worked collaboratively on a health education program experienced its design. The program was based on evidence-based medicine and knowledge transmission.

Subject and methods: Through exploratory qualitative research, the authors conducted 21 semistructured interviews, collected six nonparticipatory observations, and conducted a documentary analysis. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis, producing rich descriptions about the participants’ experiences. The researchers’ interpretations were validated through peer review.

Results: Three themes were revealed by the findings: background, values, and tensions. All participants had a range of assumptions about this experience regarding which evidence-based recommendations should be prioritized and disseminated to patients/caregivers in program implementation. These assumptions were based on participants’ beliefs about how people make evidence-informed decisions, allowing them to take charge of their health. The authors found a gap between these assumptions and the purposes of the educational program.

Conclusion: Although health education programs aim to foster patients’ informed decision making and health empowerment, in our case we found some assumptions that were not in line with the objectives of the educational program. We hypothesize that some gaps in the program design, derived from different assumptions, such as (a) conflicts of particular interests, (b) knowledge gaps about health-disease processes, and (c) power asymmetries between doctors and patients/caregivers, could hinder the goals of health education (e.g., engagement) in the practice of evidence-based medicine.

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PublicaciónJournal of Public Health (Germany)
EstadoPublicada - mar. 3 2023

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