Toxoplasmosis and its association with schizophrenia: phenotypic and immunological description.

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The present project aims to characterize the association between toxoplasmosis and schizophrenia in Colombian patients. Studies in several countries have shown a strong association between Toxoplasma antibodies and schizophrenia, which has allowed to raise several hypotheses and a new vision regarding the pathophysiology involved in the development of schizophrenia, particularly the cognitive impairment of individuals with the infection. There are no studies in Colombia on the association between schizophrenia and toxoplasmosis, nor has the immune response generated by PBMCs of schizophrenic patients to ex vivo infection by T. gondii been reported so far in other countries despite the high prevalence. The relationship between clinical characteristics and Toxoplasma infection will be described, and the relationship between the presence of the virulence factor ROP18 in the infecting parasites in our population and the presence of the disease will be explored. A case-control study will be carried out, which will include the analysis of genetic and social risk factors, as well as the profile of the evolution of the disease, the prevalent symptoms and the level of cognitive and functional compromise. A subsequent phase of the project will evaluate the cytokine response profile in peripheral blood mononuclear cell samples (PMBCs) from a subgroup of patients with schizophrenia (both toxoplasma positive and negative). The latter will allow us to explore whether there are altered immune response pathways when schizophrenia and toxoplasmosis are present.
Short titleToxoplasmosis y su asociación con esquizofrenia
Effective start/end date8/31/233/31/26

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