Effects of artificial night light on courtship and predation behaviors for the genera Photinus and Photuris

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In bioluminescent organisms, LAN affects visual sensitivity and intra- and interspecific recognition (Owens & Lewis, 2018). For example, experimental studies in wild fireflies show that exposure to light can cause a decrease in the frequency of signal emission (Costin & Boulto 2016). This suggests that mating may be affected, since courtship in nocturnal species of fireflies depends on the visibility of bioluminescent signals (Michaelidis et al. 2006). Additionally, some species of fireflies use light intensity as a signal to initiate courtship activities (Dreisig 1975), so exposure to artificial light can have a direct effect on courtship patterns. In this study, we propose to evaluate the effect of light emitted by commercial lamps on bioluminescent signals associated with courtship and predation behavior, in the genera Photinus and Photuris, which are the best-known groups of fireflies in Colombia. The results of this study will contribute to the knowledge of aspects of the behavior and ecology of these species. In addition, since fireflies are important as bioindicators of healthy ecosystems (Viviani, 2001), our results will serve as a basis for designing conservation strategies that allow mitigating the impact of LAN, one of the main factors responsible for the decline in the population of fireflies. globally (Lewis et al. 2020).
Effective start/end date2/1/2210/31/22

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