Organization profile

Organization profile


It seeks from universities the training of human talent and the construction of knowledge that is based on a multidisciplinary approach to earth system sciences. This approach aims to access both national and international resources that are focused on the conservation and study of bio- and geo-diversity, and the development of basic geological knowledge that has the potential to impact the mining-energy sector.


  1. Generate new knowledge related to continental-scale tectonic processes in current and ancient orogenic systems.
  1. Disseminate the results of research carried out through different media, such as publications in indexed journals and conferences, in addition to generating mechanisms that allow socializing the results with communities and the non-specialized public.
  1. Develop new projects dedicated to the exploitation and exploration of hydrocarbons and the exploration of other key resources for the energy transition.
  1. Develop new knowledge about the geological and ecological evolution of the Colombian territory, which allows a better understanding of our landscape and our diversity.
  1. Generate a research and collaboration network with both national and international entities that allows mobility of students and researchers to different institutions.
  1. Understand the different magmatic processes that control the formation and composition of igneous bodies, the volcanic threat, and their impact on ecosystems.
  1. Understand how the interactions between climate and tectonics shape relief.
  1. Make paleogeographic and paleobiogeographic reconstructions, which allow spatiotemporal reconstructions of the evolution of the landscape and ecosystems.

Research Lines:

  1. Andean geodynamics and tectonics.
  1. Paleogeography.
  1. Sedimentation patterns and environments.
  1. Petrogenesis of Andean magmatism.