Soil macrofauna in areas with different ages after Pinus patula clearcutting

Translated title of the contribution: Soil macrofauna in areas with different ages after Pinus patula clearcutting

Esteban Tulande, José Ignacio Barrera-Cataño, Carlos Eduardo Alonso Malaver, Carlos Morantes Ariza, Sofía Basto

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In Andean high montane areas, the establishment of exotic tree forests changes the soil dynamics and its biodiversity. Soil macrofauna act as indicators of ecosystem successional processes, and may have an important role in ecological restoration processes after clear cutting exotic tree plantations. The aim of the present study was to understand how soil macrofaunal assemblies change in areas with different ages post clear cutting of Pinus patula, and to identify the soil physico-chemical variables that better explain these variations. The macrofauna in a high montane forest was evaluated along with that of three areas with different ages post clearcutting: 0, 2.5, and 5 years after clearcutting (Yac). The effect of soil physico chemical variables on macrofauna abundance was also evaluated. Macrofauna composition changed after clearcutting. Macrofauna abundance, richness, and diversity were lower in the 0 Yac area than in the other areas. Moreover, the macrofuna similarity to the reference forest did not increase with the years after clearcutting. This is due to the changes in soil characteristics, triggered by clearcutting. Slope, temperature, bulk density, real density, loam, pH, P, Na and K were the soil variales with a positive effect on the macrofauna abundance. These physico-chemical variables should be considered when designing restoration plans for Andean forest ecosystems. Moreover, Diplopoda, Coleoptera and Chilopoda might be useful to monitor and evaluate restoration processes after Pinus spp. clearcutting, because of their high abundance, diversity and relationship with environmental conditions.

Translated title of the contributionSoil macrofauna in areas with different ages after Pinus patula clearcutting
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)383-417
Number of pages34
JournalUniversitas Scientiarum
Issue number3
StatePublished - Dec 26 2018

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