Las perspectivas constructivistas en el campo de los estudios organizacionales

Translated title of the contribution: Constructivist perspectives in the field of Organization Studies

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The growing amount of research carried out in the field of Latin American Organizational Studies (Laos) generates an increasing need to position these works epistemologically. The Latin American perspective, which has reached a certain critical awareness about the relation of center-periphery dependence in this field, has sought to approach epistemological alternatives different from that proposed by the functionalist mainstream. One of these alternatives is the so-called “constructivist paradigm.” However, the apparent unity of this epistemological approach has been questioned. This work, supported by a broad qualitative systematic literature review made using an adaptation of the distillation methodology, highlights the multiplicity of constructivist perspectives (CP) that give shape to this “paradigm” and shows both their common features, as well as their differences. This can contribute to the development of a broader understanding of this paradigm, to a better epistemological foundation of the research that seeks to support itself in it and to sharpen the discussions that may arise in this regard in the academic and research communities.

Translated title of the contributionConstructivist perspectives in the field of Organization Studies
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StatePublished - Nov 15 2018

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