Urban Metabolism for Bogotá

  • Pinaud Velasco, Alfonso Eduardo (PI)

Project: Research Project

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The urbanisation process has exceeded the traditional pace of human settlement and is moving towards the formation of great urban regions that are responding to an increased demand for services and environmental goods combined with an increased production of waste and emissions. In cities, it is key to establish resource and energy flows; the transformations that occur; and the outputs, such as products, services and wastes. Hence, this research seeks to determine and compare different indicators related to energy flows and urban metabolism in the last decade in Bogotá analysing the role of electricity utility company related to variations in metabolism, dynamic flows, accumulation of energy and materials, and environmental impacts. This study uses the quantitative and qualitative data and indicators of Bogotá to calculate urban metabolism especially for energy and its trends in the last decade with the aim to formulate strategies to improve urban sustainable development, energy systems and to achieve low carbon economies as key elements for welfare of population and climate adaptation and mitigation.
Effective start/end date1/1/161/1/17


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