Treatment of biological samples and personal data in biomedical research at University Hospitals in Bogotá D.C.

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The purpose of the research proposal presented to this call for proposals is to investigate, describe and analyze practices in a sample of university hospitals in Bogotá DC, with respect to the treatment of biological samples and personal databases (including collection, storage, use, circulation or suppression) for biomedical research purposes.
The aim is to determine whether they guarantee the rights of individuals and/or communities participating in research and contribute to the institutions' compliance with international and national standards that regulate the subject.
This is because, on the one hand, this type of research has not been carried out in Colombia, there are no data on biobanks and bioreprositories, nor is there any specific legislation for this particular field, so far. In addition, the proposal aims to strengthen strategic alliances with other faculties and universities that have worked on the subject from different theoretical and practical approaches.
For this purpose, a mixed methodology will be used, i. e. with a qualitative and quantitative approach, so that when crossing the analysis categories we can determine whether the practices studied conform to international and national standards that have already regulated the matter.
Based on the findings, measures will be proposed that seek to guarantee the protection of the rights of those involved in this type of biomedical research that require the treatment of biological samples and personal databases.

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Muestras biológicas, datos personales, investigación biomédica
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Revisión del marco teórico del proyecto de biobancos

Ana Isabel Gomez Cordoba (Participant)
Apr 1 2017Jul 14 2018

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Protección de datos personales

Diana Rocio Bernal Camargo (Participant)
Oct 13 2017

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