Sound memories of war and peace: musical library of the Colombian armed conflict 1985-2020.

  • Quishpe, Rafael (PI)
  • Malagón Valbuena, Laura (CoI)
  • Wabgou, Maguemati (CoI)
  • Prieto Rios, Enrique Alberto (CoI)
  • Díaz Pérez, Carlos José (Student)
  • Soto Garnica, Laura Angélica (Student)

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During the armed conflict in Colombia, victims, public forces (Army and Police) and different illegal armed actors have produced important sound material in which they have expressed their visions and particular narratives about various events that have marked them as communities in the midst of the confrontation.

During the Havana Peace Agreement and its subsequent implementation, multiple musical initiatives from rural and urban sectors have also emerged to generate memory and promote the pedagogy of the agreement.

Despite the vast musical production accumulated by the actors and regions of the country, these productions have not yet been systematically compiled and analyzed, being therefore an unknown material and still poorly understood by those who study the history of violence in Colombia and historical memory processes.

What then are the contents and tendencies of these songs? How has this musical production transformed over time? What can these themes tell us about the history of violence in Colombia and the regional histories of armed conflict and peace?

These are central questions that this research seeks to answer, based on the construction of a large music library that compiles sound materials produced by victims, public forces and illegal armed actors between 1985 and 2020.

In addition to the construction of said library, the project proposes to qualitatively delve into three case studies where the presence of various actors in the conflict, high levels of armed actions and impacts on the civilian population are combined with a vibrant cultural and musical wealth at the regional level. : The Caribbean region, the Chocoano-Nariñense-Caucacano Pacific: and the Eastern Plains region.

Additionally, Bogotá is included because it is the epicenter of social and political processes, as well as because of the significant presence of the population that is victims of the armed conflict and the demobilized population.

The regional depth will allow the project to investigate in depth the stories of the actors who composed these songs, as well as their production, appropriation and dissemination process at a territorial level.
Effective start/end date1/28/217/27/22

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