Habitat change in post-conflict: National System of Protected Areas and its effects on hydrological resources

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Colombia's National System of Protected Areas (APC) is one of the most important instruments for biodiversity conservation in the country. The control and monitoring of this immense protected territory is a complex but extremely urgent task, due to the presence of megabiodiversity and multiple threats such as the expansion of agriculture and livestock, illegal mining and illicit crops. Especially in the post-conflict era of Colombia some of these threats will become stronger, fuelled by the vacuum of territorial control left by the FARC. Important studies have analysed the effectiveness of the PCAs, but in selected regions or covering non-recent periods of time, without analysing post-conflict dynamics. This project aims in general terms to identify the magnitude and drivers of change in use and loss of internal habitat - and around the TPA system for the period 2001-2017. In addition, the effects of this change on the hydrological resources of selected moorland protected areas will be evaluated. In order to achieve this objective, it is planned to: i) estimate changes in land cover and degradation of the spatial structure at the landscape level in all APCs through satellite remote sensing; ii) identify the engines of change through spatial associations with socio-economic parameters and elements of anthropic and natural origin of the territory (roads, urban settlements, surface hydrography, etc.).iii) the estimation of the impact of these changes on the hydrological resources of some APCs selected from the moorland ecosystem. The results of the research will provide updated and relevant information regarding the effectiveness of the APC system and the recent drivers of change in post-conflict territorial dynamics to support conservation management and prioritization plans, as well as the estimation of potential water supply disruptions to help ensure water security for Colombians now and in the near future.

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Habitat change in post-conflict: National System of Protected Areas and its effects on hydrological resources
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Nicola Clerici (Participant), Adriana Sanchez Andrade (Participant)
Dec 14 2018

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