Nonviolent Political Economy

  • Cante Maldonado, Fredy Eduardo (PI)
  • Torres, Tatiana (Student)
  • Barrero, Manuela (Student)

Project: Research/Creation Project

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Nonviolent Political Economy (NPE) encompasses the study of the complex relations and interactions among political, economic, ideological, and organizational power that do not generate devastating and/or harming impacts on nature and human life. It invites reflection on heterodox streams of social and economical thought to generate some modalities of self-organized collective action used to promote the preservation of commons. NPE accepts sacrificing widely-accepted opulence and economic growth to preserve nature and promote welfare based on good quality of life. In this regard, NPE challenges traditional streams of economy and invites its main representatives to rethink old scenarios with a wider perspective.


Herodox Nonviolent Political Economy, Bioeconomics, Degrowth, Leisure, Enjoyment of Life, Political Economy of Love, Grants Economy
Short titleNonviolent Economy
Effective start/end date5/1/1212/12/19


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