Develop capacity for research, innovation and knowledge exchange on HIV between Colombia and the United Kingdom.

  • Quevedo Gómez, Maria Cristina (PI)
  • Vera, Jaime (PI)
  • Sanchez Martinez, María Catalina (Student)
  • Agudelo Enciso, Maria Camila (Student)
  • Mendieta Merchan, Maurel Lisbeth (Student)
  • Zapata , Maria Camila (Student)
  • Restrepo Arbelaez , Natalia (Student)
  • Casallas Gutierrez, Isabela (Student)
  • Ardila Alzate, Manuel Alejandro (Student)
  • Vargas-Orjuela, María Paula (Student)
  • Panchá, Oscar (CoI)
  • Ortiz Bonett, Sara Elena (Student)
  • Rodriguez Paiva, Sofia (Student)
  • Rodriguez Medina , Cristian Fernando (Student)

Project: Research Project


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