Casanare Transmedia Lab: a participatory science and technology appropriation program in Casanare

Project: Research/Creation Project

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Casanare Transmedia Lab is a program that, through citizen and community participation of the different actors in the region, consolidates the dissemination and public appropriation of science and technology to generate a greater regional transformation. In this sense, the program proposes 4 fundamental areas of action, based on an initial diagnosis of local and regional needs and challenges. In the first place, the center is in charge of developing a general training axis (aimed at 3 strategic groups, children, adolescents and non-professional adults aged 18 and over), as well as specialized training (focused on professionals in the communication sector , as well as research leaders and social and environmental leaders of the region). Second, the center will be in charge of fostering innovation and revitalization of the communication sector through the creation of an advisory area aimed at the actors that make up this sector. Third, Casanare Transmedia Lab proposes the consolidation of a multidirectional, collaborative platform, enabled for the production of multi-format content based on transmedia and crossmedia narratives. Finally, the program contemplates as a fourth thematic axis the consolidation of dissemination, through the construction of a multilayered network of dissemination and interaction, both with the local community, as well as with strategic communication actors at the regional, national and even levels. international.


apropiación social; Casanare; transmedia; participación ciudadana
Short titleCasanare Transmedia Lab
Effective start/end date4/24/223/31/28

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