Research Incubator: Socioecology and Systemic Thinking

Organization profile

Organization profile


It seeks to promote systemic thinking in the search for comprehensive solutions to socio-environmental challenges, it is a transdisciplinary work space. The hotbed is open to students from various faculties and careers in order to take a systemic look at specific social-environmental challenges, it seeks to be a space for research and thought.

Specific objectives:

  1. Analyze the interactions and relationships between social and ecological systems from a systemic perspective, understand the complexity of socioecological systems and their environmental and social challenges.
  1. Propose solutions to socio-environmental challenges from the perspective of systemic thinking and the socio-ecological approach.
  1. Promote inter and transdisciplinary work in the search for solutions to contemporary environmental challenges

Line of Research:

  1. Hydrosocial territories


  1. Galindo Sanabria Nathali
  1. Moreno-Abdelnur Angelica
  1. Arias Riaño Laura Tatiana
  1. Estrada Zuleta Juliana M
  1. Pinto Torres Estefania
  1. Martinez Pérez Maria Alejandra
  1. Chacón Cuellar Juan Sebastian
  1. Aranguren echeverri Marcelo
  1. Franco Avendaño Hanna Nicole
  1. Estrada Zuleta Juliana Margarita
  1. Rodríguez Toro Sara