Research Incubator: Constitutional Law (AGERE)

Organization profile

Organization profile


The AGERE constitutional law hotbed is a group of students and professors who seek to democratize the study of constitutional law and bring it to practical perspectives for people in society. The seedbed dedicates its study to the research, implementation and creation of material that can be used as a tool for people in a society plagued by injustices and problems. Therefore, the focus of the seedbed is to bring the right to society and people, so that they become empowered by using these tools.

AGERE, named after the word of Greek origin that means "to set in motion", is located within the framework of democratic societies that provide the people who make it up with means and all types of elements of action in the face of problems so that They are the ones who put in motion all the elements that they find at their disposal in the constitution. The hotbed not only seeks to empower citizens in the face of their problems, it also wants to familiarize them with the constitution and the entire objective set of provisions that directly affect them.

General objective:

Expand the general public's knowledge of the constitution.

Specific objectives:

  1. Familiarize the common people with the constitution and its content.
  1. Facilitate the apprehension of the constitutional tools and the entire catalog of guarantees enshrined in the political charter.
  1. Identify citizen problems that can be addressed by constitutional law effectively.
  1. That people do not see the constitution as something distant or strange.
  1. Carry out activities that remove social stigmas created regarding the reliability of the tools of law.