Research Incubator: Art and Law Laboratory (LAD)

Organization profile

This seedbed is made up of students from two programs: FaCrea and Jurisprudence and arises within the framework of the project of the Art and Law Laboratory (LAD) and the deepening in the line of theoretical, critical and interdisciplinary studies of law of the Public Law Group and in the line of Creation and research in interdisciplinary and creative practices of the Creative Studies Group. Students who have studied some of the subjects that are related to the subject of LAD may participate, as well as those who have an interest in it and who, if possible, have studied the subject "Introduction to research". There is another option to participate and it falls on those who have enrolled the degree requirement as part of their courses. These are not the only possibilities, within the framework of the project and while it is in force, all students from either of the two programs who want to be part of it will be accepted. Seedbed Objectives: Investigate the different expressions that emerge between the intersections of art and law. Specific objectives: 1. Collect texts, objects and material that accounts for said crossing. 2. Organize and analyze the findings. 3. Socialize the findings made in the seedbed with the academic community