Social and Economic Conditions of Peru and: Countries of the Pacific Alliance

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The main aim of this research is to present a study regarding the economic and social performance of
Peru in recent years, compared to the countries that constitute the Pacific Alliance, namely: Chile,
Colombia, Mexico and Peru. This research links Peruvian economic performance in the context of this
country’s political dynamics and social implications. It is important to emphasize that Peru is one of the
Latin American countries less impacted by the financial crisis of 2008. One of the conclusions of the
study points out that there has been a significant degree of economic growth, but the external debt
levels are also rising, and this group of countries, with the exception of Mexico, to some extent,
continues to be heavily dependent on exports based on raw materials, natural resources and
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PublicaciónMediterranean Journal of Social Sciences
EstadoPublicada - mar. 1 2018

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