La consommation compulsive de drogues comme tentative de se séparer d'une jouissance archaïque

Silvia Rivera, Patrick De Neuter

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It is often considered that the compulsive consumption of a drug aims at obtaining a pleasure without limits, echo of an infinite pleasure called by Lacan jouissance of One or "One-jouissance". This pleasure is supposed to exist in the early childhood before the humanizing fundamental Laws have been transmitted to the subject. Based on a large clinical experience of one of the authors and on eight deeper interviews of research, the authors explain that this research of the One-jouissance is produced simultaneously with the attempt, often ignored, to separate from this same jouissance and as well from the incestuous relationship with the Thing (in freudian terms) with the parental Other (in lacanian terms). They also explain that a drug, the pharmakon of the Greeks, must be considered in its double value: a poison as much as a solution to a malaise.

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