Assignment-simulation model for forklifts in a distribution center with aisle constraints

Mauricio Becerra-Fernandez, Olga R. Romero, Johanna Trujillo-Diaz, Milton M. Herrera

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This study proposes a simulation model for allocating counterbalanced forklifts in a logistics distribution center (LDC) with aisle constraints. Modeling the case study for a consumer goods firm, the performance measures of the logistics operation were calculated and certain experimental scenarios were purposed for decision-making regarding the number of forklifts and their productivity. The relevance of this research is validated by the gap in existing literature on enhancing forklift assignments in massive storage systems with restrictions. The simulation scenarios contribute toward standardizing logistics operations with similar characteristics, starting from the layout stage of an LDC. The designed simulation model demonstrates that the simulated allocation incorporates technical and human resources in warehouse operations. Utilizing discrete-event simulation (DES) as a framework, this study assesses various scenarios in an LDC with restrictions on the forklift. The hypothesis of the problem was analyzed, and the simulation model was used to characterize the system behavior under different scenarios and guide the decision-making processes impacting operational costs and client service levels. This research employs DES to address performance indicators and operational costs, serving as a methodological guide for resource allocation in logistics operations at distribution centers.

Idioma originalInglés estadounidense
Número de artículo102902
PublicaciónSimulation Modelling Practice and Theory
EstadoPublicada - may. 2024

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