ABO Phenotype and Platelet Function in a Population of Regular Apheresis Platelet Donors at 2600 masl

Michel Andres Garcia Otalora, Leonardo Bautista, Fernando Palomino, Solangie Forero, Milena Baquero

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Background/Case Studies: The aim of this study was to evaluate the plate-let function and their relationship with the ABO phenotype in regular aphere-sis platelet donors in a blood bank located at intermediate altitude.

Study Design/Method: Blood samples were collected from 90 apheresisplatelet donors after acceptance. Platelet function was determined by high-voltage dynamic flow (Siemens/Dade Behring PFA-100VR) with Collagen/ADP (closure times reference range, RR: 60-114 seconds) and Collagen/Epinephrine (RR: 83-156 seconds). Data were analyzed by unpaired t testand Chi square.
Idioma originalEspañol (Colombia)
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EstadoPublicada - oct. 30 2017
EventoAABB Annual Meeting San Diego, CA, October 7‐10, 2017 - San Diego, San Diego, Estados Unidos
Duración: oct. 8 2017oct. 8 2017
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ConferenciaAABB Annual Meeting San Diego, CA, October 7‐10, 2017
Título abreviadoAABB annual meeting 2017
País/TerritorioEstados Unidos
CiudadSan Diego
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