Towards a model of chronic pain management Workers who are victims of an accident at work or occupational disease

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The problem of management of workers with chronic pain, for this an approximation is made to the problem of chronic pain, the affected spheres of action are identified and a methodological device is developed aimed at understanding the impact of an alternative pain management strategy based on yoga, given that the scientific literature accounts for the existence of a close relationship between chronic pain and other diseases such as depression and anxiety, which presumably hinder the return to the world of work and negatively affect the welfare of people.
A pilot study is designed with the participation of 60 volunteers, the study is developed in three phases: The first phase is aimed at identifying pain perception and quality of life; the second phase is designed to expose a group of volunteers to yoga-based control therapy, and another group to pain management techniques]; the third phase is aimed at collecting workers' perception at the end of the process.
As a result, it will be possible to identify the elements that can be integrated into a complementary therapeutic management strategy for patients with chronic pain.
Título cortoCHRONIC PAIN
Fecha de inicio / finalización efectiva4/11/1610/30/17

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