Sexual assaults and criminal law: a gender perspective

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- To conceptualize violence against women, understood as a clear form of discrimination, making use of international instruments such as the Belem Do Para Convention and the CEDAW, as well as the categorizations of violence made by different perpetrators, such as María Mercedes Gómez and the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of Justice.
- Analyze, from this conceptualization, the different types of criminal acts of sexual aggression enshrined in the Colombian Criminal Code. This, as it is evident, implies a dogmatic analysis of them, establishing how their typical elements, in cases of aggressions against women and girls, should be interpreted in the light of the definition of violence against women.
- To show that sexual aggressions against women and girls, in addition, have a gender discrimination content and are used as a control and domination mechanism .
- To propose options of imputation that respond to a complete valuation of the unjust; that is to say, in this case, that they not only sanction the sexual aggression, but also the discriminatory content that these have when they are carried out against women and girls.
- To show the different uses that are given to sexual aggressions against women in different areas. For example, in the private sphere, as a way of exercising control over one's partner, in a context of mistreatment, and in the public sphere, as a tool to generate terror and undermine the action of the other party, or as a genocidal strategy, in contexts of armed conflict.


Los avances de la investigación, así como apartados del resultado final, podrían ser presentados en espacios tales como congresos relativos al tema, seminarios de profesores, coloquios doctorales, seminarios de estudiantes, y otros espacios académicos a nivel nacional e internacional. De igual manera se espera que algún avance de la investigación sea publicado en una revista indexada, en modalidad de artículo.

Por su parte, la finalidad última de esta investigación es la elaboración de un libro. Al final del proceso habrá un texto susceptible de ser publicado.
Effective start/end date2/1/2110/30/22

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  • Competitive Funds


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