Democratic inclusion through the courts

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In the year 2017, a line of research was constituted within the seedbed "Inclusión democrática vía judicial" with the objective of strengthening the research activities of students and research assistants of the Universidad del Rosario linked to the project "Formalización de derechos de propiedad agraria e (in)seguridad: ¿una relación de doble vía? which aims to understand and analyze the relationship between the formalization of land and the physical and legal security of the properties and of those who have access to this benefit. In addition, during the second semester of 2017 several students of the Javeriana University were linked to the seedbed since the project is carried out jointly with two principal researchers of this university. The project arises from the need to strengthen the research capacities of the members linked to the seedbed, through research activities such as document review, design of methodological tools, systematization of information and analysis of field work, in order to present the results of more than a year of work in different spaces of dissemination: digital platforms, university publications and international conferences.
Effective start/end date3/26/199/26/19

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