Right-Wing Populism in Latin America: Self-Interest over Social Welfare

Ramiro Carlos Humberto Caggiano Blanco, Natalia Teresa Berti

Producción científica: Contribución a una revistaArtículo de Investigación


The commodities boom of the 2000s enabled the governments of Argentina and Brazil to adopt policies of re-industrialization combined with social integration. These governments re-nationalized strategic companies, partially (re-)regulated the labor market, promoted a minimum income, strengthened public education, and supported housing loans, among other measures that allowed the growth of the middle classes and the overcoming of poverty for large sections of the population
Idioma originalEspañol (Colombia)
Páginas (desde-hasta)47-49
Número de páginas2
PublicaciónGlobal Dialogue
EstadoPublicada - jun. 12 2019

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