Relation of sensory peripheral neuropathy in sjögren syndrome to Anti-Ro/SSA

Amanda Kyle Scofield, Lida Radfar, John A. Ice, Evan Vista, Juan Manuel Anaya, Glen Houston, David Lewis, Donald U. Stone, James Chodosh, Kimberly Hefner, Christopher J. Lessard, Kathy L. Moser, Robert Hal Scofield

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Background: Sjögren syndrome is a common, chronic autoimmune disease that typically produces inflammation and poor function of the salivary and lacrimal glands. Other organs can be affected, including the nervous system. Sensory peripheral neuropathy is a common manifestation of the disease. Methods: Eight-eight patients attending a dry eyesYdry mouth clinic were diagnosed to have primary Sjögren syndrome and underwent a neurological examination. Anti-Ro (or SSA) and anti-La (or SSB) were determined using immunodiffusion as well as Inno-Lia and BioPlex ANA screen. Serum vitamin B12 levels were determined using an enzyme-linked microtiter plate assay. Results: Twenty-seven (31%) of the 88 patients had peripheral neuropathy as defined by loss of light touch, proprioception, or vibratory sensation. Anti-Ro and anti-La were found by immunodiffusion in 12 patients, and 8 of these 12 had neuropathy (W2 = 8.46, P = 0.0036, odds ratio = 6.0 compared to those without precipitating anti-Ro and anti- La). Of the 27 patients with only anti-Ro by immunodiffusion, 13 (48.1%) had neuropathy (W2 = 5.587, P = 0.018, compared to those without anti-Ro). There was no relationship of the other, more sensitive measures of anti-Ro and anti-La to neuropathy. In addition, we found no association of serum vitamin B12 levels to neuropathy among these patients with Sjögren syndrome. Conclusions: Sensory peripheral neuropathy is common among patients with Sjögren syndrome and is associated with the presence of anti-Ro and anti-La when determined by immunodiffusion.

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PublicaciónJournal of Clinical Rheumatology
EstadoPublicada - sep. 2012

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