Exploración cualitativa de un programa de transmisión de información basado en evidencias para mejorar las prácticas en salud de pacientes con enfermedades cónicas no transmisibles en Bogotá.

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Introduction: How important is it that people make decisions about our health based on evidence-based information? How simple could it be to build information that is easily understandable by the general population about those recommendations that substantially improve health? What happens when specialists, doctors, patients and caregivers analyze evidence-based information together? Objective: To explore in depth the intervention related to the prioritization and dissemination of Evidence-Based Recommendations (REBE) of some chronic non-communicable diseases and what are the tensions and values ​​that the participants build around the program in Bogotá (eg, patients, caregivers, health professionals, researchers and funders). Methods: Qualitative exploratory study and content analysis of 21 semi-structured interviews, six training observations and panels to prioritize REBE and documentary analysis on asthma, COPD, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and acute coronary syndrome. Preliminary results are presented here. Results: The following categories emerged: 1) Barriers to the implementation of the REBE of the project; 2) Processes to be improved in the project; 3) Strategies that lead to the empowerment and recognition of knowledge and actors; 4) Strategies for knowledge management and information dissemination; 5) Other aspects associated with the project; 6) Definitions; and 7) Background. Conclusions: some tensions were found that hinder the intervention, for example, the disarticulation between the knowledge of doctors and patients. However, valuable elements such as the empowerment of actors are also recognized. Understanding these aspects is decisive for the outcomes of the intervention.
Título traducido de la contribuciónQualitative exploration of an evidence-based information transmission program to improve health practices for patients with chronic noncommunicable diseases in Bogotá.
Idioma originalEspañol (Colombia)
EstadoPublicada - nov. 2021
Evento19° versión del Día de la Investigación de La Cardio y la Fundación Neumológica Colombiana - Fundación Cardioinfantil, Bogota, Colombia
Duración: nov. 12 2021nov. 12 2021


Conferencia19° versión del Día de la Investigación de La Cardio y la Fundación Neumológica Colombiana
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