Nonviolent Political Economy Theory and Applications

Título traducido de la contribución: Economía política noviolenta

Fredy Eduardo Cante Maldonado, Wanda Tatiana Torres (Editor)

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Nonviolent Political Economy offers a set of theoretical solutions and practical
guidelines to build an economy of nonviolence which implies a social state of
peacefulness, involving minimal violence and minimal destruction of nature.

The book provides renewed reflections on heterodox economics, ecological
economics, anthropology, Buddhism, Gandhianism, disarmament, and business
ethics, as well as innovative initiatives such as Blue Frontiers. It also sets out feasible solutions to transform countries that have suffered prolonged conflicts such as Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan. Bringing together authors from around the world, this collection includes new perspectives on the abolition of profit; disarmament; obliteration of the consumer society; expansion of collective property; Buddhist and Gandhian economies; small-scale and artisanal roduction, the increasing use of clean energies; a gradual reduction in the human population; political processes closer to direct and radical democracy, and anarchy.

Discussing cutting-edge developments, this book provides valuable tools to
build alternatives to the prevailing models of (violent) political economy. It will
be of great interest to a public of critical citizens, students and researchers from
a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and all those seeking to understand the
fundamental concepts of nonviolent political economy.
Título traducido de la contribuciónEconomía política noviolenta
Idioma originalInglés
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ISBN (versión digital)978-1-315-14510-5
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EstadoPublicada - jun 25 2019

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NombreRoutledge Frontiers of Political Economy

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