Handbook of Research on Ergonomics and Product Design

CASTILLO JUAN, Juan Luis Hernandez Arellano, Aide Aracely Maldonado Macias , Porfirio Peinado Coronado

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Product design is an important field where ergonomics and human factors should be applied. To achieve this goal, effective strategies for process improvement must be researched and implemented. Theories, Methods, and Applications in Ergonomics and Product Design is a critical scholarly resource that provides new theories, methodologies, and applications of ergonomics and product design and redesign. Featuring a broad range of topics such as additive manufacturing, product analysis, and sustainable packing development, this book is geared towards academicians, practitioners, and researchers seeking current research on new theories, methods, and applications related to ergonomics and product design.
Idioma originalInglés estadounidense
Lugar de publicaciónEEUU
EditorialIGI Global Publishing
Número de páginas446
ISBN (versión digital)9781522552352
ISBN (versión impresa)9781522552345
EstadoPublicada - abr 1 2018

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JUAN, CASTILLO., Hernandez Arellano, J. L., Maldonado Macias , A. A., & Peinado Coronado , P. (2018). Handbook of Research on Ergonomics and Product Design. IGI Global Publishing.