Fuzzy Logic Systems for Assistance in the Anesthesiology Processes

Maria Leandra Guateque, Alvaro David Orjuela-Cañón, Wilber Acuña-Bravo, Juan Jose Jaramillo

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In the anesthesiology area, supporting for surgical interventions are relevant to make these procedures pain-free and comfortable for the patients. Nowadays, complexity in those methods can be simple, where medical doctors perform entire work, or assistance systems for making decisions in this task. The purpose of this paper is to present the comparison between the decision making in anesthesiology process given by medical personnel and a fuzzy logic system output based on the same information. Results based on Kappa index show that fuzzy system can provide information with almost perfect agreement about quantities of gas that have to be supplied to patients in anesthesiology action.
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EditorSpringer, Cham
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EstadoPublicada - ago. 2017
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