Efectos de un programa de rehabilitación pulmonar en asma severa. presentación de caso

Vilma Gómez, Diana Durán

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Objective: to present the effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation programs in the treatment of a patient with asthma, this is the case of a young Caucasian girl -17 years old- with severe asthma diagnosis, with symptoms since she was eight years old, 10th grade student. Method: She was referred to the program of Pulmonary Rehabilitation after three hospitalizations during the last year due to asthmatic crises, dyspnoea in activities of daily living, and intolerance to physical exercise. In the initial evaluation, a patient with non-controlled asthma was found; she was receiving short-acting medication admitting that she was not complying with regular use and with a prescribed dose of the pharmacological treatment and that she ignored the importance of this commitment for optimal evolution. The patient expressed concern about the progressive deterioration at her respiratory and functional level during the last year and her fear and anxiety for not being able to breathe during activities befitting her age. Results: One month after receiving bronchodilators and long-acting steroids permanently and complying with recommendations about regular use and adequate inhalatory technique, the patient was included in a three-timesa-week program of pulmonary rehabilitation during eight weeks for upper and lower extremity endurance and resistance training. Conclusion: This intervention showed significant changes in the patient at functional level and a greater social participation.

Título traducido de la contribuciónEffects of a pulmonary rehabilitation program in severe asthma. case presentation
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EstadoPublicada - 2012

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