Molecular and morphological evidence on the hybrid origin of a selected Andean species of the important woody plant genus Weinmannia (Cunoniaceae)

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1. Test morphology-based hypotheses about the reticulate origin of selected Andean species of the genus Weinmannia (Cunoniaceae), using molecular cloning techniques of the nuclear Internal Transcribed Spacer region (ITS) that will permit to infer intragenomic variation of the ITS ribotypes.
2. Evaluate whether divergent ITS ribotypes are due to recent hybridization or ancient hybrid speciation and (allo)polyploidy. The latter are expected to have led to ITS sequences not present in putative parents of F1 plants.
3. To evaluate morphological variation of possible species with reticulate origin and hybrids, in comparison to their supposed parent species, and the correct delimitation of species, using the standardized assessment of the "Additivity" project at the Herbarium B at the BGBM.
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