Efectos del ultrasonido terapéutico pulsado en el tratamiento de personas con osteoartritis de rodilla

  • Rodriguez Grande, Eliana Isabel (Investigador principal)
  • Serrano, Yannely (Coinvestigador)
  • Osma, Jose Luis (Coinvestigador)
  • Ramirez, Carolina (Coinvestigador)

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BACKGROUND: Therapeutic ultrasound is used in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Currently, there is no agreement about the application parameters required to achieve the therapeutic objectives in this populationAIM: To evaluate the effect of therapeutic ultrasound on the pain, joint mobility, muscle strength, function, and quality of life of people with knee OA.DESIGN: Quasi-experimental study. SETTING: outpatient rehabilitation clinicsPOPULATION: people with Grade II or III tibiofemoral osteoarthritis in accordance with the Kellgren-Lawrence grading scaleMETHODS: Ten therapeutic ultrasound sessions (duty cycle=20%, ERA= 10 cm2, BNR= 6:1, SATP= 2.2 W/cm2, SATA=0.44 W/cm2, frequency= 1 MHz, time=4 minutes) were applied. Assessments of primary outcome variables: pain intensity and function, and secondary variables: joint mobility, muscle strength and quality of life, were performed at onset and end of therapy; an additional intermediate evaluation was included for the primary variables. Ultrasound-induced changes on pain and function from baseline through intermediate to end of the treatment were assessed using the repeated measures ANOVA test. Results at the end of the intervention were evaluated using the Wilcoxon rank or Student’s t tests (α=0.05).RESULTS: seventeen individuals participated in the study (70.5% women; mean age: 61.4±6 years). Means of repeated measurements of pain intensity (pain at rest, pain on palpation and pain after functional activities) and function showed significant differences (p<0.03 and p<0.01). There was a significant reduction in pain intensity at the end of functional activities (p<0.01) as well as a significant increase in function (p<0.01) and in quadriceps muscle strength (p=0.04).CONCLUSIONS: Therapeutic ultrasound, applied under the parameters described, is a physical therapy modality indicated in the physiotherapeutic treatment of people with knee OACLINICAL REHABILITATION IMPACT: this study has shown conclusive effects on people with knee OA, Showing the parameters of use and the mechanisms by which will have effect.
Fecha de inicio / finalización efectiva1/10/176/30/18

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