Biogeography of Sloanea

  • Richardson, James Edward (Investigador principal)
  • Niissalo, Matti (Estudiante)
  • Pennington, Toby (Coinvestigador)
  • Crayn, Darren (Coinvestigador)

    Proyecto: Proyecto de Investigación

    Detalles del proyecto


    Sloanea comprises some of the most magnificent and spectacular tropical forest trees reaching 40-50 m in height within the family Elaeocarpaceae with ~150 species distributed in southern hemisphere lands except in Africa and Antarctica and an extensive fossil record in northern hemisphere lands. Yet its phylogenetic relationships, timing of diversification and geographic range evolution remain unclear. In this project we used a comprehensive taxon sampling of the genus Sloanea to estimate its geographic range evolution based on a well-resolved and highly supported time-calibrated tree.
    Fecha de inicio / finalización efectiva7/1/1612/31/22