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Urbanism + Creativity
Art as way of thinking, a process, time and experimentation
is a reading and communicating in different
ways – it opens possibilities to create together,
discuss, do, re-do and invent. Dealing with urban space,
requires this spirit of creativity that welcomes the
unexpected and allows things to develop, but how exactly
can it drive change and how is it connected to a
situated learning of given contextual situations?
Alma Sarmiento Universidad del Rosario, Bogot 
(COL) – Art
Torange Khonsari Public works, London (UK)
– Architecture
Períodojun. 8 2021
Celebrado enLeibniz University Hannover, Alemania
Grado de reconocimientoInternacional

Palabras clave

  • Creatividad
  • Urbanismo