The Ripple Effect of Mothering in a Global Community: From Bloomington to Bogotá

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Each day hundreds of thousands of women around the world are experiencing the transformative rite of passage that is giving birth. We know that a birth marks not only a mother but an entire community as new identities and socio-cultural networks are formed and expanded. In this chapter, we ask what are the ripple effects of one birth, and what role can friendship play in connecting and impacting global mothering communities? To address these questions, we follow the ripple effects of a birth from one community to another--taking us across international borders from Bloomington (Indiana, U.S.A.) to Bogotá (Colombia).
By looking at new mothers and the active process of becoming mothers, our work seeks to privilege “maternal bodies in the production of new selves” (Longhurst 4). We find this period in a woman’s life as a particularly useful time for women to reflect and connect via corporeal and social status fluidity associated with what it means to become a mother. This analysis includes a relational awareness of mothering as both complicated and active as well as shaped and defined by context (Jeremiah 24). In addition, we use autoethnography to examine the intersections of mothering across international borders and to unpack the ways in which our mothering experiences have fostered a deeper friendship and stronger global mothering community.
Translated title of the contributionEl Efecto de honda de la maternidad en una comunidad global:: de Bloomington a Bogotá
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMothers, Community, and Friendship
PublisherDemeter Press
StateSubmitted - 2018

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