Estado del arte. Turquía: política e identidad en transformación

Translated title of the contribution: State of the art. Turkey: Politics and Identity in Transformation

Mauricio Jaramillo Jassir, Marcela Guerrero Turbay

Research output: Contribution to journalResearch Articlepeer-review


This paper presents a state of the art about a fundamental issue between the Western
and Eastern world: the modernity as an identity element in Turkey. Consequently, four
segments are developed according to the modernity and Turkish westernization: Fall
of the empire, birth of the republic, military power and alignment with the Western
world during the Cold War. This review contains key references in the deconstruction
of the Turkish identity, which is an issue of great relevance in contemporary history,
and reveals possibilities of change in Middle Eastern nations. The methodology was
based on an extensive review of secondary sources according to each developed section,
and included international databases, libraries and national bookstores. The latter
implied the purchase of certain books to account references about Turkey
Translated title of the contributionState of the art. Turkey: Politics and Identity in Transformation
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)249 - 273
Number of pages25
JournalAnalecta Política
Issue number7
StatePublished - 2014


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