Risk factors for cardiovascular and chronic diseases in a coffee-growing population

Miguel A. González, Rodolfo J. Dennis, José H. Devia, Darío Echeverri, Germán D. Briceño, Fabián Gil, Alberto Jurado, Mauricio Mora

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Objectives Estimating the prevalence of cardiovascular and chronic disease risk factors in a Colombian coffee-growing population. Methods This cross-sectional study was carried out from February to November 2007. Multistage conglomerate sampling of 55 rural areas in 13 municipalities led to 516 people being surveyed. The questionnaires used were recommended by PAHO (anthropometric and biochemical measurements). The resulting data was subjected to univariate and bivariate descriptive analysis using 95 % CI, significance tests and comparison with previous studies. Results There was 21.1 % (19.2-23.3 95 %CI) current smoker prevalence, 31.2 % sedentarism (27.8-32.6 95 % CI), 86.3 % people consumed less than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day (84.4-87.9 95 % CI), 2.2 % had high alcohol consumption level (1.6-3.2 95 %CI), 26.2 % suffered from hypertension (23.9-28.6 95 % CI), 4.6 % diabetes (3.6-5.8 95 % CI), 62.1 % hyperlipidaemia (59.5-64.7 95 % CI) and 42.9 % (40.4-45.5 95 % CI) were overweight or obese. 85 % had at least 2 or more risk factors simultaneously. Sedentarism, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and being overweight /obese was greater in females (p<0.001). Alcohol consumption and smoking were greater in males (p<0.001). Age, civil state, education, income and health system were related to the risk factors being studied. Conclusions The study provided fresh knowledge concerning the lack of available information regarding rural Latin-American populations. Compared to the second Colombian study of chronic disease risk factors (ENFREC II), no important advances were found regarding a reduction of the prevalence of risk factors. Further studies are required for going deeper into social determinants and health systems explaining this study's findings.

Translated title of the contributionFactores de riesgo cardiovascular y de enfermedades crónicas en población
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)390-401
Number of pages12
JournalRevista de Salud Publica
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2013
Externally publishedYes

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