Redescription of Neochelys franzeni (Schleich, 1993) from the middle Eocene, Messel Pit, of Germany, and a revision of morphological characters with importance for Pleurodira phylogeny

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Neochelys franzeni Schleich, 1993 is the only pleurodire or side-necked turtle from the middle Eocene, Messel Pit (the first UNESCO, World Natural Heritage Site in Germany, since 1995). The original description of the species is based on two specimens SMF ME 1091 (Holotype) and 715 (Paratype) housed at the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt. The excellent preservation of complete and articulated skeletons of this species makes it a key taxon for understanding the evolution and phylogeny of the European Neochelys genus and its relationships with South American and African-Madagascar podocnemidids.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - Mar 4 2015
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