Potential and Realized Absorptive Capacity in Colombian Firms: The Mediating Role of the Organizational Climate for Innovation

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The absorptive capacity is related to knowledge evaluation and acquisition (Potential Capacity), as well as to the transformation and exploitation of such knowledge (Realized Capacity). This research aims to analyze the absorptive capacity in Colombian companies and to investigate whether the Realized capacity can be predicted from the Potential capacity. Likewise, due to the importance of the context on the absorptive capacity development, the mediating role of the organizational climate for innovation was tested. Through a cross-sectional study, a total of 260 employees from different companies completed the Absorptive Capacity Scale and the Organizational Climate for Innovation Scale. The results showed that Potential absorptive capacity is needed for Realized absorptive capacity, additionally, organizational climate for innovation exerted a mediator role in this transition. These findings highlight that companies should have an organizational climate that allows them to acquire and transform knowledge in order to increase their innovativeness and be more competitive. Further studies should analyze the organizational innovation in relation to the proposed and tested model, while considering employees from different industrial sectors.
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StatePublished - Oct 27 2021

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