Un estado de lipemia posprandial incrementa la temperatura corporal de miembros inferiores en adultos saludables: Estudio Clínico Piloto

Translated title of the contribution: Postmeal lipemia increases body temperature of lower limbs in healthy adults: Pilot Clinical Study

Robinson Ramírez-Vélez, JE Correa-Bautista

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Experimental evidence has shown the relationship between temperature (Tº), postprandial status and excess weight. However, it is not known whether changes in segmental T° can be modified after a high fat, high calorie intake. Objective: The hypothesis of this paper focused on demonstrating whether in healthy adults, an acute state of postmeal lipemia induces changes in lower limb T°. Methods: Prospective intervention study in 11 apparently healthy subjects of both sexes (mean age 32.1±8.5 years, body weight 71.9±14.7 kg, BMI 26.1±3.7 kg/m2), with no documented medical history of cardiovascular or endocrine disease. To induce acute postmeal lipemia, a menu containing 1,171 calories (31 g protein, 79 g fat[31 g saturated fat, 666 mg cholesterol] and 69 g carbohydrate) was administered. The infrared thermographic T° was measured in the region of interest (IR) in the tibial anterior muscles (TA), gastrosoleo (GS) and Achilles tendon (TdA), was measured after fasting of 1012h (0 min, basal) and during the 60 min, 120 min, 180 min and 240 min, postprandial. Results: The basal value of the Tº in the studied IR was 23.6±1.4 ºC for the TA, 25.0±1.6 ºC in the GS and 22.9±1.6 ºC in the TdA. It was identified that postmeal lipemia increased the Tº in the first 120 min in the TA (26.3±0.8 ºC increase of 8%, GS 27.2±0.3 ºC increase of 9% and TdA 24.7±0.6 ºC increase of 9%), respectively, (p<0.05). This increase was maintained at 240 min postprandial (TA 26.3±0.7 ºC increase of 11%, GS 26.5±0.9 ºC increase of 6% and TdA 24.0±0.9 ºC increase of 4%), p<0.05. Conclusão: This study is the first experimental evidence showing that a high intake of saturated fats increases the Tº of the lower limbs in healthy subjects. We recommend larger sample size studies that may complement the results found in this paper. Development Agency: Universidad Santo Tomás
Translated title of the contributionPostmeal lipemia increases body temperature of lower limbs in healthy adults: Pilot Clinical Study
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)126-126
Number of pages1
JournalRevista Brasileira De Ciência & Movimento
Issue number4
StatePublished - 2015

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