Le Ius publicum régional: entre traditions et « avant-gardes » juridiques

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Working on globalisation is a trend in scientific research. Itaffectsthelegalworld, in both public and private law. This paper does not try to determinewhether there is a globalisation of public law but instead, gives a critical approach about two phenomena: the internationalisation of constitutional law and the well-known Global administrative law, which aims to universalise the concept of accountability. These concepts are reductive asthey seem to ignore legal traditions. In this paper, I argue that in order to builda regional Ius publicum,we have to emphasise on national features and on coordination, anorganised harmonisation of values and legal traditions,and based on judicial dialogue. Legal and economic orthodoxy should be excluded
Translated title of the contributionEl ius publicum regional entre tradiccion y vanguardias juridicas
Original languageFrench
Article number1
Pages (from-to)9-31
Number of pages22
JournalSorbonne Student Law Review
Issue number2
StatePublished - Nov 28 2019

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