Tratado de Derecho del Mar

Translated title of the contribution: Law of the Sea Treaty


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This Treaty on the Law of the Sea is a work of maximum academic excellence in which the vast majority of the sometimes intricate and thorny issues of International Law of the Sea are analysed. The treatment of the different topics is carried out in a consistent and rigorous way, with scientific method and syntax precision, avoiding all the length of the work blistering phrases or common places. In addition to this, the doctors of great value - all of them in charge of the various chapters, carry out the analysis with conceptual depth, passing review to the theoretical aspect as to the practical aspect, to the normativity and the jurisprudence, to the most relevant cases of the practice of the States, in a harmonious and updated way. It is also important to highlight the scrupulous care taken by its authors when using a serious, important and up-to-date bibliohemerography. This splendid Treatise on the Law of the Sea is designed along the lines of the straight and adequate teaching of public international law for our Universities
Translated title of the contributionLaw of the Sea Treaty
Original languageSpanish
PublisherTirant lo Blanch
Number of pages1344
ISBN (Print)13:9788491193067
StatePublished - Oct 1 2016


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