Lamotrigine in Treatment of 120 Children with Epilepsy

E. Schlumberger, F. Chavez, L. Palacios, E. Rey, N. Pajot, O. Dulac

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Summary: One hundred twenty children aged 10 months to 16 years 9 months were included in three studies with lamotrigine (LTG): a single‐blind study (n = 60), a pharmacokinetic study (n = 23), and a compassionate group (n = 37). At 3 months, 11 patients had become seizure‐free and 34 had >50% decrease in seizure frequency. The best results involved absence epilepsy, Lennox‐Gastaut syndrome (LGS), and other symptomatic generalized epilepsy. Forty‐two patients were followed > 1 year, 22 for a mean of 2.2 years, and there was no significant increase in seizure frequency as compared with 3‐month follow‐up. Fourteen patients became seizure‐free for >6 months; all except 1 had generalized epilepsy. For 12 patients, treatment could be reduced to monotherapy, but for those with valproate (VPA) comedication LTG dosage had to be increased; 25% of patients with VPA monotherapy exhibited skin rash, appearing 3–18 days after starting LTG. For 4 patients, LTG could be reintroduced after VPA was withdrawn. Ten patients had ataxia and/or drowsiness and 2 had vomiting. For all other patients, tolerance was excellent.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)359-367
Number of pages9
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 1994
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