Las relaciones entre Irán y América Latina : un sendero de alto riesgo.

Translated title of the contribution: Iran's relations with Latin America: a high-risk path


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The reality of the international political system has undergone a constant transformation with the end of the Cold War. The former isolationism suffered by countries that were not aligned with either axis is becoming increasingly widespread in a multilateral and globalized world. Although in the current circumstances a nation can be isolated from political and economic processes. the reality is that no state can be totally separated from the demands of the international concert, thus constructing a complex web of relations that go beyond ideological interests. In this way, the presence of Iran in Latin America has been disturbing due to the intentions that the government of the Islamic Republic intends to achieve with it.
Translated title of the contributionIran's relations with Latin America: a high-risk path
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)33 - 52
Number of pages20
JournalPerspectivas En Inteligencia
StatePublished - 2012


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