Imaginarios de las personas en situación de discapacidad en torno a la actividad física

Translated title of the contribution: Imaginaries of people suffering from disabilities around physical activity

Lilia Virginia García Sánchez, Jackeline Ospina Rodríguez

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At the present time physical activity (PA) is recognized as a strategy for life quality improvement, given that sedentarism represents a public health problem worldwide and that it increase disabilities. This project works on theoretical references related with physical activity disabilities and social imaginaries and its objective is to advance in the comprehension of the imaginaries people with disabilities has in regard to PA, as a fundamental element for designing politics and programs for its encouragement and effective articulation in daily life. It begins with a phenomenological and methodological design that enhances analytical theoretical categories of contrast whit the obtained from the object group. Data recollection follows on, up to obtain saturation, through the technique of semistructured individual interview to people whit disabilities that make part of different groups in Bogota, The results of the first phase allows us to identify as principal categories the following: the way how PA is understood (formal and non formal activity associated with body anatomical vision), finality (rehabilitation, welfare, socialization) and limitations for its practice (accessibility, lack of state support and social exclusion). It is concluded that this categories identified within the theoretical frame coincide with the derived from the obtained data.

Translated title of the contributionImaginaries of people suffering from disabilities around physical activity
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)51-63
Number of pages13
JournalRevista Ciencias de la Salud
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2008

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