Desplazamiento forzado y transmutaciones del destierro

Translated title of the contribution: Forced displacement and transmutations of exile

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Signs, images and statements play a strategic role in this double becoming: they contribute to the emergence of possible worlds and contribute to their realization. This is how "conflict" is confronted with dominant values.

The realisation of new life possibilities faces the existing organisation of power and its established values. In the event. you can see at the same time what is intolerable about an era and the new possibilities for life it offers. The mode of the event is the problematic one. The event is not the resolution of a problem, but an opening of possibilities.
Original languageSpanish
PublisherUniversidad Nacional de Colombia
Number of pages146
ISBN (Print)9789587832273
StatePublished - 2017


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maria, R. E. (2017). Desplazamiento forzado y transmutaciones del destierro. (1 ed.) Universidad Nacional de Colombia.