Enfoque del paciente con mielopatía no traumática

Paola Andrea Ortiz Salas, Camilo Andrés Romero

Research output: Chapter in Book/ReportChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review


This text is a useful guide to the specific areas of neurology that are frequently seen in clinical practice, providing concise information organized around the algorithms of practical decisionmaking. It discusses neurological examinations and symptomatology, as well as presenting and analyzing conditions commonly seen in daily practice, such as epilepsy, abnormal movements, and neuroinfections, in addition to aphasias, cranial hypertension, chronic pain, and headaches
Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
Title of host publicationDecisiones en Neurología Tomo II
EditorsAlberto Velez Van Meerbeke, Paola Andrea Ortiz Salas, Manuel Guillermo Uribe Granja, Diana Maria Prada Gaviria, Claudia Lucia Moreno López
Place of PublicationBogotá
PublisherUniversidad del Rosario
Pages241 - 300
Number of pages59
ISBN (Print)9789587387179, 9789587387186
StatePublished - Aug 20 2016

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