Educación para la vida: Una apuesta de bienestar por la mente y el corazón de los jóvenes universitarios

Translated title of the contribution: Education for life: A commitment to well-being for the mind and heart of young university students

Laura Catalina Garcia Mera (Editor), David Roberto González Rodríguez (Editor), Rafael Bisquerra, Alejandro Cheyne-García, Ana María Restrepo Fallon, Heidy Tatiana Bacca C, Yuly Andrea Barreneche López, David Roberto González Rodríguez, Cindy Jeanet Caro Cardenas, Israel Cruz Velandia, Nadia Garcia Sicard, Laura Victoria Heyck , Juliana Ojeda Espinel, Sandy Johanna Pérez R, Esperanza Silenia Quiñones C, Carlos Andrés Rincón Cruz, Laura Vanessa Rodríguez León, Laura Mabel Rozo Z., Christian Alfredo Rubiano Suza, Viviana Angelica Sandoval SanchezAna Karina Sierra R, Yenny Paola Torres Murcia, Judy Viviana Velásquez Merchán, Jesús Germán Vélez Almonacid

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Is there any meaningful reflection on how to contribute to the formation of the human being in educational proposals? This essential question worries HEIs, and it becomes increasingly relevant and urgent in the twenty-first century, in a changing, globalized society that faces challenges of planetary order. For 25 years, the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs at the Universidad del Rosario has taken on the challenge to accompany generations of students in their professional training and the discovery of their identity, strengthening of their relationships with others, their ways of expressing themselves, and the acquisition of self-care habits. The Live, feel, and enjoy proposal of the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is a guide for students to build a life project with meaning and purpose. It allows them to act from their chosen profession with a maximum sense of responsibility, providing answers for the benefit of society and the world in which they live. This book presents proposals, reflections, and lessons learned about the significant value of thinking about an educational project beyond academic qualifications. It invites young people, teachers, school counselors, and families to build an integrated educational process committed to the well-being of the mind and heart of university students.
Translated title of the contributionEducation for life: A commitment to well-being for the mind and heart of young university students
Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
PublisherUniversidad del Rosario
Number of pages368
ISBN (Electronic)9789587849219, 9789587849226
ISBN (Print)9789587849202
StatePublished - 2022

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • Developmental and Educational Psychology


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