Colombia de cara a los desafíos y oportunidades que representa la migración venezolana

Translated title of the contribution: Colombia in the face of the challenges and opportunities presented by Venezuelan migration

Francesca Ramos Pismataro, Ronal Fabian Rodriguez Duran

Research output: Chapter in Book/ReportChapter (peer-reviewed)peer-review


Approximately three million four hundred thousand Venezuelans have left their country, more than 10 per cent of the population in recent years, according to the most conservative figures. Migration from Venezuela has thus become one of the five most important migration crises of the 21st century, in addition to the Syrian crisis, the African crisis in the Mediterranean, the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and the Central American crisis on the southern border of the United States. Colombia is the state most affected, absorbing 50 per cent of the Venezuelan migratory flow, and is the obligatory passage for more than 40 per cent of the remaining 40 per cent. More than one million Venezuelan citizens have crossed the border to settle in Colombia in the last three years, in addition to the more than 400,000 Colombian returnees and the almost 700,000 Venezuelans who crossed the national territory in transit to southern countries between January and October 2018 alone. Seven Colombian departments and four Venezuelan states converge on the 2,219 kilometres of common border, the most important and active for both countries, the most dynamic in South America and the second most complex on the continent after the border between Mexico and the United States. Today, an average of 70,000 Venezuelans enter and leave Colombia daily through the seven legal crossing points, with peaks of up to 90,000. Of these, a number that varies between two and five thousand stay in Colombian territory every day, without forgetting that due to the lack of documentation, a similar or greater number are forced to cross irregularly, which is evidence of one of the most important human mobility phenomena in the world...
Translated title of the contributionColombia in the face of the challenges and opportunities presented by Venezuelan migration
Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
Title of host publicationLa crisis venezolana: impactos y desafíos
EditorsEduardo Pastrana
Place of PublicationBogotá
PublisherFundación Konrad Adenauer
ISBN (Print)978-958-56871-5-8
StatePublished - Sep 2019


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